Brand Designer. Music Composer.

Raleigh City Farm

A modern web re-design for a farm in the heart of Raleigh

Responsive web design, Raleigh City Farm

Tara / Dustin

Branded for life

Brand Design rubber stamp, Tara + Dustin

Bare Bones

Low & slow menu design

Business card design for Bare Bones Raleigh

DriveTrain Learning

Accelerated brand awareness through simple design

Business card design for Drivetrain Learning


A subtle re-brand for a Southern staple

Logo design, Ragazzi's Garner

Vote Adcock

Modern political branding

Web design, Vote Adcock


Oldies and goodies

Logo design example

Harvey Dustin Owens is a freelance brand designer, creative director and music composer in Raleigh, NC with more than 10 years experience in brand strategy, identity development, logo design, sound design, and music production. Oh, and coffee addict.

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