Brand Designer. Music Composer.

Raleigh City Farm

A modern web re-design for a farm in the heart of Raleigh

Responsive web design, Raleigh City Farm

Tara / Dustin

Branded for life

Brand Design rubber stamp, Tara + Dustin

Bare Bones

Low & slow menu design

Business card design for Bare Bones Raleigh

DriveTrain Learning

Accelerated brand awareness through simple design

Business card design for Drivetrain Learning


A subtle re-brand for a Southern staple

Logo design, Ragazzi's Garner

Vote Adcock

Modern political branding

Web design, Vote Adcock


Oldies and goodies

Logo design example

Harvey Dustin Owens is a freelance brand designer, creative director and music composer in Raleigh, NC with more than a decade’s experience in brand strategy, identity development, logo design, sound design, and music production. Oh, and a coffee addict.

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