About Me

husband, art director, brand developer, musician, foodie

I grew up in rural Eastern NC, and found my passion for art and design at 18 when I randomly took a photography course. I switched all of my studies to art the following semester. I’ve explored a lot of creative outlets over the years. Designing band tee shirts and album covers. Being an experience designer for virtual reality field trips. Producing video and digital media for a mega-church. Now I’m a full-time freelance creative balancing my time between visual development and composing music and sound design.

My Instagram feed is mostly foodie pics, and my Spotify history is a mix of jazz and emo. I like California wines and North Carolina beers. I like my wife. I like helping people tell their stories through identity and design.

Harvey Dustin Owens, Brand Designer and Identity Developer

Want to chat? Send me a good old-fashioned email at holler@harveydustin.com