Tara / Dustin

Branded for life

My wife and I spent our first date talking about design. I think I woo’d her over when she saw the typeface artwork in my house. So it kind of seemed obvious to create the brand design for our wedding. We started by designing a T/D brand mark (we still use that mark today on our stationary). We chose a color palette and fonts that we liked, and got to work on all of the print materials— save the date, invitation, day-of signs, food menus, there was a lot of it. Our favorite part was designing a responsive website to help us communicate with our friends and family. You could RSVP, send gifts, or find out info about the venue. I think the design worked, because the wedding went great and she’s still my favorite client.


Branding / Identity
Logo Design
Print / Menu Design

Brand Design overview, Tara + Dustin
Wedding Web design Raleigh, NC
Brand Design rubber stamp, Tara + Dustin
Wedding print Design, Tara + Dustin
Wedding print design, Tara + Dustin
Wedding thank you card design, Tara + Dustin
Logo design for sticker, Tara + Dustin