Vote Adcock

Modern political branding

As Art Director at Amazing Studios, we were approached to develop an identity and brand strategy for a North Carolina Commissioner candidate. After researching local and national political branding, we decided to create an identity that felt modern, clean, and all-American. We used red and blue in symmetry to convey a sense of nonpartisanism, and staunch sans-serifs to communicate strength and loyalty. We rounded out the identity package with print/signage design and a mobile-friendly web design.

*This project is not a political endorsement and does not suggest a political affiliation.


Logo Design
Web Design
Print/Signage Design

Logo design, Vote Adcock

Logo lockups and mark

Brand design overview, Vote Adcock

Brand guidelines

Web design, Vote Adcock

Responsive website design

Graphic design, Vote Adcock

Signage and marketing design